Sensor based sorter

Our Sense2Sort® solutions are combinable with peripheral and magnet based sorting devices.

Sorting makes Sense!

The development of our Sense2Sort® machine series goes back to more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of robust sorting machines for the recycling markets. We implement highest quality standards and apply the most advanced sensor technologies.

In our machine portfolio we integrate Induction, Near Infrared, Color Cameras, T-Ray,  X-Ray Fluorescence and X-Ray transmission technologies and we combine these sensor systems as adequate.

Our drive is customer contentedness and process efficiency. Our sorting solutions are innovative and designed to meet the challenges of the sorting business now and tomorrow. We provide new sorting concepts and sensible solutions.

We pay special attention to long life and maintenance friendly products.

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S2S Sorting Principle


Bulk material is fed into the sorting device in a mono layer by using a vibrating feeder. The material is either transported via a slide directly into the detection area or onto a fast running belt. In both devices a sensor or a number of sensors are detecting each material piece on multiple characteristics, depending on the type of sensor or combination of sensors (SensorFusion). The sensor or sensor combination is sending signals t o a central processor located in the main machine cabinet. The sent information is evaluated and adapted into the machine software, whereafter the software settings will lead t o a defined signal towards the ejection system of the sorting machine.

Sense2Sort product s are different from competition products, they are designed and build with unique know how using finest materials and best possible components. We develope our trendsetting products in Germany and Holland with partners of the industry and supplier companies with the highest standards carefully chosen by us. It is our mission to deliver only the best and give you the service you need to run your installation profitable, economically and environ mental friendly.

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