Magnet based sorter

Magnet based sorters such als Eddy current separators, drum Magnets or over belt magnets are standard equipment in bulk material processes as well as shredder operations. The drum and over belt magnet take out the ferrous post shredder and make sure that all the ferrous material gets recovered in a sale quality. This is an important sorting step and creates an important material stream for the processor. One of the problems in the shredder ferrous fraction is some copper content ( meatballs) which can be separated with our sensor based Meatball Picker. This automatic sorting device is the latest trendsetting sorting equipment we developed to improve the ferrous post shredder material stream.

As a next step, the remaining ferrous free material stream normally passes the so-called eddy current separator. This magnet based equipment separates non-ferrous (Zorba) metals from non-metallic (Zurik) and delivers good results in a cascade installation. In this way you are able to achieve a >98% Zorba fraction. Or the NF fractions can be purified by means of our sensor based S2S XRF Sense sorters to create a high grade aluminum fraction . The non-metallic fraction(Zurik) or ECS drops still contains NF metals such as stainless steel and copper wires which can be recovered by our sensor based S2S Metal Sense induction sorter.

As magnet based sorting equipment is elementary in bulk material and post shredder material handling, Toratecnica offers several proven machine brands depending on the customers choice.

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