Also mineralsmarkets have Recycling applications. Think of all the residue tips and production waste piles filled up from the 80-ties and 90-ties until now. With todays technology the 1-5% lost material in these residue hills can be recovered and used as primary material! It makes sense to sort this material as well.

Toratecnica offers mobile and stationary processing plants for your Minerals Recycling application. We offer you the devices you need from infeed to sorted outputs. According to your bulk material – such as limestone, marble, talc, quartz, calcite, salt, ore, we supply the required sorting solution that may also include screens, feeders, magnets, de-dusting besides our sensor based sorters. Our robust optical sensor based sorters can be supplied as slide or belt sorters. Material can be analyzed double sided when necessary. In our plant designs, manual sorting is minimized to the max or even fully automated by using our S2S RobotSense units.

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