End of Life Vehicle Recycling

The ELV shredder plants are perfect examples of big heavy duty shredders with enormous throughputs. Main income is the ferrous fraction, most complex are the non ferrous- and the ASR fraction. Both fractions make 20-30% of the input. Those material streams are our specialties!

ELV Shredder material is getting more complex. Toratecnica helps you to recover and sort non ferrous metals and to separate all metals from your SLF. It makes Sense2Sort! Upgrade your existing ferrous stream by separating Meatballs using our latest innovation S2SRobotSense. Upgrade your Zorba purity to separate clean copper and reduce zinc with our combination of S2SQolorSense and S2SXRFSense. Free your Zurik from all metals and create a clean stainless steel fraction and a high grade copper wire stream. Black plastics sorting is the next technical solution we will present you in the near future.

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