X-Ray sorter, metal recycling, aluminium sorting, aluminium

S2S XRF-Sense

The S2S XRF-Sense® was designed to analyze and sort metals according to their chemical elements and thus improve sorting qualities of bulk material streams. This machine is an X-Ray Fluorescence based machine.

Material pieces can be analyzed from 10 mm up to 120 mm
Great application variety in industries such as Metal Recycling, Minerals, Glass, Quality control
Converts metal-rich Zurik to higher value components such as PCB’s and SS and Cu and Al.
Sorting of Aluminum based on Cu-, Zn- and Fe-content (Al alloy 6061)
Sorts the main groups into higher value alloy classes such as 316 from mixed SS
Separation of Contaminants
Sorting according to material purities
Sorts Al bearing PCB from non-gold contacted PCB
Machine width from 600mm to 1200mm.

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