Sensor based sorter based on LIBS technology

S2S LIBS-Sense

The S2S LIBS-Sense® was designed to analyze and sort metals according to their chemical elements and thus improve sorting qualities of bulk material streams. This machine uses Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy based Technology.

S2S-LIBS machines for Secondary Aluminum Smelters are used to improve incoming scrap lots to extract poisons like Mg, or produce a class of specific material. Examples are:

    • Extraction of Mg metal from Twitch to reduce the need to chlorinate
    • Separation of Cast Scrap Al from Wrought Scrap Al to reduce the need to adjust for the Si content
    • Sortation of specific alloys used in the Automotive Industry, such as 5000 and 6000 series material

Other applications are

  • Ore and Mineral Sorting: Screen incoming feed stock for high value ore and analyze process material
    on contaminants and purify.

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