We see that the working environment in recycling has changed. At present, law enforces higher sorting qualities to be fulfilled by  2020. There is not much time left to reorganize recycling processes and consider changed market conditions.

Many of our customers confirm that their recycling business has become difficult as markets such as China and India have closed their doors to the qualities received so far. Today, recyclers experience difficulties in obtaining recyclable material. But also the sales prices they achieve for the recyclabled products are not satisfactory . So the marked seems to be on hold from both sides. There is need to invest into local recycling facilities achieving higher qualities meeting a profitable sales market.

For us, the Toratecnica team, it is clear that new solutions are needed to meet the new business environment . This demands a considerable reduction of energy consumption, higher sorting qualities and high throughputs. And this raise of efficiency must not result in a raise of costs. It must raise profitability for the customer and reduce running and energy cost.

We are fond of delivering state-of-the-art sorting technologies (today´s standard of applicable sorting technologies is superb) that are easy to operate and easy to maintain. You as a customer are able to exchange spares with our support whenever needed and we keep maintenance cost low. Our interest is to deliver enduring machinery that works reliably in the tough business environment of recycling.

We think it is necessary to re-think material handling  from the infeed. Until today, and since the start of recycling in the 1970th, recyclers merely add one machine to the previous after the huge shredder.  Traditional sorting lines require great footprints and numerous sorting machines to cover all material fractions.

Bringing new concepts and new sorting machines, we are considerably downsizing shredder operations, number of sorters needed and we downsize the footprint of your sorting line dramatically.  We spent two years of extensive studies for these new concepts and cannot wait to introduce you into the new world of recycling. Let us start with your necessities today!

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