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Sense2Sort LIBS-Sense enables Mg Sorting

The following text (see web link) shows why having the ability to extract Mg will become more and more important:

Sense2Sort & Austin AI strike Sensor Sorting Alliance

Spanish and American sorting technology firms will offer combined systems to metals and plastics recyclers. Sorting technology firms Sense2Sort/Toratecnica S.L., Igualada, Spain, and Austin AI Inc., Austin, Texas, have announced they “have joined forces to Read More

Aluminium Sorting Innovation: CREATE MELT READY PACKAGES

Melt ready packages, foundry, Alu Schmelze, Aluminiumrecycling

Sense2Sort-Toratècnica of Spain has extensively researched traditional sorting procedures and identified a need to rethink sorting methods to meet emerging requirements and opportunities. In the future, recyclers and processors will be asked to recover ever Read More

Toratec introduces Stainless Steel Sorter

Induction Sorter, Induktionssortierer, Non ferrous sorting

Toratecnica introduces the last generation of high level stainless steel sorting equipment. This sorting machine with a proprietary fusion of sensors is able to detect your stainless from your post-ECS fraction (drops/fluff) and recover a Read More

Toratecnica participates at IARC and ISRI

Today, two Specialists in the development of sensor based sorting solutions have joined forces to create The Team and collectively present their technologies to the world’s recycling market. Never before has there been such a Read More