Sense2Sort & Austin AI strike Sensor Sorting Alliance

December 10, 2015

Spanish and American sorting technology firms will offer combined systems to metals and plastics recyclers.

Sorting technology firms Sense2Sort/Toratecnica S.L., Igualada, Spain, and Austin AI Inc., Austin, Texas, have announced they “have joined forces to provide the marketplace with the most advanced and most comprehensive product offering possible.”

The two companies say their alliance has been spurred by changes in the marketplace requiring shredded nonferrous metals products with purer chemistry than what is found in the zorba grade. “Everyone is aware of the need to recover more metals with more specificity from zorba and other nonferrous scrap metal streams, such as e-scrap and bottom ash,” Sense2Sort and Austin AI write in the news release announcing their alliance.

“It is clear that the future is dim for those who wish to simply sell zorba as is and [who] rely on end users to perform the final cleanup stages either premelt or in-melt,” the companies continue. “This change is happening now in the secondary aluminum smelting industry as the market for aluminum scrap is much stronger than for that of zorba.”

Austin AI and Sense2Sort say that for the past 15 years they “have been leading the world in sensor sorter technology development.”

The combined product lines of the two companies comprise an array of devices and systems, including X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray transmission (XRT), laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), near infrared (NIR), terahertz (THZ)-based black plastics sorting, induction sensor sorting (ISS), CCD (charge-coupled device) color sorting and robot picking technology.

The two companies say they also will work with supply partners to “provide complete, turnkey process lines” that can include conveyors, hoppers, shredders, sieves, magnets, eddy current separators, compressed air devices and dust control technology.

“As renowned trendsetters in sensor-based sorting, we specialize in compacting sorting lines and greatly raising plant efficiency for our customers,” states the joint Sense2Sort and Austin AI press release. “We are proud of presenting innovative sorting plant solutions that create a maximum of value for our customers.

Additional information about the product lines of both companies can be found at and at

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