Sorting Aluminum Alloys cost efficiently with XRF and LIBS Technologies

February 9, 2016

Sense2Sort alliance partners Austin AI (US based) and Toratecnica (Europe based) have launched an innovative sorting process technology that bridges the gap between the scrap dealer’s typical nondescript mix of scrap alloys and the smelter’s specific needs for furnace in-feed scrap. Now, for shredded scrap, it is possible to create a melt ready aluminum fraction from Twitch and Zorba. Now, for production scrap, it is possible to extract specific alloys from binary, tertiary, and quaternary mixes in a high purity and economically efficient manner!

Finally, one can achieve “closing the loop” in aluminum recycling to the point of ultimate alloy specificity. As an example, alloys of the 5xxx and 6xxx series can be sorted. This is done with LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). Several key applications are the sorting of Aluminum extruded parts (typically 6XXX series) and automotive recycling applications (where 5XXX series alloys are common). Latest XRF and LIBS sorting technologies are the final step to a cradle-to-cradle process, resulting in huge energy savings and highly profitable recycling operations.

For complete Aluminum recycling solutions, Sense2Sort has developed and engineered fully automated dry process including XRF and LIBS Technology.

Sense2Sort Solutions include a variety of sorting technologies, such as XRF and XRT, CCD, Induction, and combinations thereof as well as peripheral devices such as magnets, screens, feeders and engineering.


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