Toratecnica S2STowerSense Solutions convince

October 30, 2014

Toratecnica S2STowerSense Solutions convince by more sorting quality, more throughput, less conveyors, little footprint, less invest, … Toratecnica has redesigned their unique S2S Tower Sense Concept. In essence the material is sorted from top to bottom (and not in a line as it is usually done) aiming at a more efficient sorting process. This way, material is fed into the system once and the material flow is perfectly spread in the course of its way through the sorting tower. This is a prerequisite for sorting: optimum distribution of the material pieces on the belt for best possible detection and sorting subsequently. By sorting online and downwards, the sorting systems applied detect and sort to the max under best conditions. The Toratecnica ToraTower can be equiped according to the respective material and sorting tasks.

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