Dust Suppression

Bulk material handling is a dusty business. To fight the dust we supply a dedusting system which works with foam. The DustBuster® foam suppression by Mid West Industries is a complete dust suppression management system. Read More


Material Feeder are used to transport the input material into the sorting system applied. Thus, feeders are widely used in material handling. We supply the vibrating feeder you need. Contact us for more information or Read More


Screens are essential in material handling. If you want to optimize your sorting results, you will need to screen into well sized and homogeneous material fractions. Because only efficient sorting makes sense. We supply different Read More

Overbelt Magnet

The Over Band Magnetic Separator precisely and efficiently sorts ferrous metals from all kind of bulk material post shredder from WEEE, ELV, Bottom Ash, C&D waste, MSW, glass, coal, plastic, paper, wood, garbage, fertilizers, etc. Read More

Drum Magnet

Drum Magnets are able to separate a high quantity of medium and little pieces of iron. The iron, separated from other material, is automatically gathering in one separate outlet – because different from the magnet Read More

Eddy Current Separator

The Eddy Current Separator® has proven to be a standard equipment in material handling. It is designed to recover non ferrous metals by means of eddy current technology as a first NF sorting step after Read More

S2S RobotSense

The S2S RobotSense® was designed to improve sorting efficiency in pre-sorting applications and automate hand picking stations in bulk material handling. The technology is sensor based and uses robots with special picking tools. Sensor technology Read More

S2S TowerSense

Multiple Step Sorting, Sensor Combination, Combined Sorting Techniques. Economic sorting

The S2S TowerSense® was designed to optimize and automate sorting efficiency in terms of material handling. The S2S TowerSense® is combination of Feeder, Screen, Magnet, ECS, and one or more Sense2Sort® sensor based sorters build Read More

S2S FusionSense

The S2S FusionSense® was designed to maximize operator benefits in terms of process efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and sorts your bulk material into multiple different fractions in one pass (multiple material outlets). This machine can Read More

S2S XRT-Sense

The S2S XRT-Sense® was designed to sort material by their atomic density / transmission. This machine is equipped with X-Ray Transmission technology. Using the X-Ray transmission (XRT) technology, the S2S sorter identifies contents in sorting Read More