Sense2Sort opens US sister company Sense2Sort US, LLC in New Jersey

November 25, 2016

Sense2Sort has expanded their presence in the United States to better serve their customer base in the North American recycling market. Sense2Sort owners Eric van Looy and Eva Maria Gerosch are pleased to announce the foundation of a joined sister company in an equal partnership with Mr. Ulrich Schulte in New Jersey. The growing importance of the US American metal recyling market, and especially the Aluminum recycling market have asked for this step. Mr. Ulrich Schulte is announced president of Sense2Sort US, LLC. In close collaboration with Sense2Sort technology alliance partner Austin AI based in Texas, customers can now be served even more efficiently. Sense2Sort in the US feature customer test and machine production facility. Mr. Schulte is welcomed as a very valuable new member of the Sense2Sort team of recycling and machine technology experts. Mr. Ulrich Schulte and Mr. Eric van Looy/ Sense2Sort US LLC and Sense2Sort alliance partner Rick Comtois / Austin AI are looking forward to boost the US Aluminum recycling market and to bring alternatives and strong sorting technologies for improved plant procedures to their North American customers.

Sense2Sort is technology leader in automated spectroscopy for recycling application, with special focus on scrap aluminum processing. Latest LIBS and XRF sorting technologies allow automatic sortation of metals accoring to their elemental composition.

S2S XRF-Sense (X-Ray Fluorescence) machines are used for upgrading Zorba value by separating zinc, copper and Stainless Steel from scrap aluminum mix. Further application are meatball extraction (copper from ferrous shred); Zurik sortation (PCB`s, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium); remove ceramic (High temp) glass and lead glass from cullet; extract pressure treated wood from C&D material)

S2S LIBS-Sense (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) was designed to analyze and sort metals according to their chemical elements and thus improve sorting qualities of bulk material streams. This machine uses Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy based Technology.

 S2S-LIBS machines for Secondary Aluminum Smelters are used to improve incoming scrap lots to extract poisons like Magnesium, or produce a class of specific material. Examples are:

–       Extraction of Magnesium metal from Twitch to reduce the need to chlorinate

–       Separation of Cast Scrap Aluminium from Wrought Scrap Aluminium to reduce the need to adjust for the Silicon content

–       Sortation of specific alloys used in the Automotive Industry, such as different material alloy series

Other applications are

–       Ore and Mineral Sorting: Screen incoming feed stock for high value ore and analyze process material on contaminants and purify

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